NOVUS INOVA has over 25 years of experience in developing high performance products and solutions across the oil and gas industry.  Our design experience covers a broad scope of product lines for drilling, exploration and operational applications.

Our real-world experience enables NOVUS INOVA the ability to deliver creative solutions and concepts for the demanding challenges to today’s highly competitive market place.


NOVUS INOVA has a long tradition of designing creative products for demanding drilling applications.

  • Premium Connection Thread-Design
  • Drilling Tubulars & OCTG Products
  • Downhole RFID Tracking Applications
  • HPHT Drilling Applications
  • Drilling Riser Connections
  • Pressure Products


NOVUS INOVA is a highly progressive design firm that specializes in the development of smart-iron products that utilize todays industrial Internet of things (IIoT) and machine learning technologies to further enhance functionality, performance and data.

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Capabilities include:

  • Smart Sensors (Vibration, Strain, Pressure, High Temp)
  • Drilling Dataloggers (HPHT)
  • HPHT RFID Transponders (UHF, HF, LF)
  • IIoT Machine Platforms & Data Exchange (MQTT, XML, WITSML)
  • Asset/Inventory Tracking with BLE, UWB, RFID, GPS and LPWAN
  • Machine Learning Platforms (Tensor Flow)

NOVUS INOVA shares the vision of combining engineering principles with human imagination, allowing us to create out-of-box designs that deliver results.

Proven Experience

NOVUS INOVA has over 25+ years of engineering and technology design experience across a variety of industries that demand solid performance.

Technology Adoption

NOVUS INOVA designs products and solutions that consist of todays leading engineering, manufacturing and smart sensor technologies.